Trust Administration

Let a Trust Attorney Review the Details of Your Account

Let a Trust Attorney Review the Details of Your Account

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Are you interested in setting up a new trust or executing an existing trust? Make sure your beneficiary is fully protected with experienced trust administration services from Thomason & Hessmer, LLC.

Gain the assurance and peace of mind that your trust attorney is working for the best interests of you and your family. At Thomason & Hessmer, we've been providing sound legal advice and trust administration services for over 20 years. Let us navigate complicated trust laws and taxes to protect your assets.

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What are our duties as trust administrator?

As the trust administrator, your trust attorney will handle all the necessary steps and procedures outlined in trust laws. Hire a trust attorney to:

  • Assess the value of assets- we will pay all federal and state tax requirements and keep detailed records of assets
  • Notify beneficiaries -trusts must be claimed within a certain time period determined by state and federal laws. Your administrator will ensure your beneficiaries are notified immediately
  • Protect the assets of the trust -we will maintain your trust with safe and prudent investments that defend your assets for the well-being of your beneficiaries


It is our duty to always act in good faith for the interests of your beneficiaries. Breathe easy knowing your hard-earned assets will be protected and passed down. Contact Thomason & Hessmer today to speak with an experienced trust attorney in Bethesda, MD.